Bo The organised planer

(Latin name; Bo-bodacious-praedae) Species

The Bo-Bodacious -praedae is a curious and unique specimen who spends many hours a day eating and grooming.

Standing at 5 foot 10 inches, members of the opposite sex are drawn to her ‘thicc’ figure. A recent study has uncovered this is just fat.

A methodical planner, Bo will involve herself in every aspect of your life, whether you request this or not, but be assured this is always with the intention of assisting.

Your Bo will require constant affection, attention, and affirmations, but if you are diligent in providing this, you will reap the rewards of intense love, loyalty, and laughs.

Care guide;

Water daily, avoid direct sun (ALWAYS APPLY SUNSCREEN), and fertilise often with donuts.

Grooming - As mentioned, your Bo prefers to be well groomed. See a short checklist of grooming requirements;

  • Ensure nails are taken care of with consistent manicures and pedicures.

  • Hair needs to be dyed on a regular basis (although any mention of this not being her ‘natural’ colour will upset and possibly anger your Bo)

  • Pay very close attention to your Bo’s eyebrows, this is a great source of pride for her. A Bo with un-kept brows is one not worth having at all.

Exercise - Bo thrives on a minimum of 3 hours of ballet class a week, failure to meet this requirement will result in a lazy, unmotivated and sometimes weepy Bo. Your Bo will also appreciate regular sessions of online shopping. While this can be an expensive endeavour, the reward of a confidant and happy Bo will be worth the spend.

Pest control – Bo does not respond well to ‘Nin-com-poopis’ (common name; Moron) and you may find too much exposure to people of such nature will result in an irritated and short tempered Bo. She has been known to smack a bitch. If you find your Bo in a displeased or depressive state, previous handlers have found music to be very calming, and drag shows are great way to lift her energy.

Following these simple guidelines will result in a carefree, content Bo. We have no doubt that the integration of Bo into your life will enrich it, and provide hours of fun and entertainment for the whole family.