Fresh AF fashion!


So this week on the podcast we were discussing fashion 2.0, Back To The Fashion and I decided to shine a light on my latest inspo, @gabifresh !

Seeing as she’s the cofounder of , has a lingerie collection with @playfulpromises and a swimsuit collab with @swimsuitsforall , I figured she was the perfect person to lead our beautiful 3XL flock to.

Gabi is loud and proud about loving her fine, fat self. She’s visibly rockin what she’s got and I am 100% picking up what she’s been putting down. Check her insta, guys. There’s some fucking amazing #OOTD posts. She has such a fun sense of style.

I think my fave outfit I’ve seen of hers lately has got to be this jaw droppingly good leopard print pant suit. Like oh wait a minute, fucking big mood. Big amazing mood.

.. I’m just a lil bit obsessed with her rn. Whatever. It’s cool. I’ll play it cool. HI GABIIIIIIIIIII!

Oh and hey fam.. here’s a bonus post of Gabi in costume as George Constanza. Name a more iconic look.. I’ll wait.