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Since we recorded our rant episode I’ve been racking my brain of a way to write this, this week. Here’s where I’m at today - I don’t feel particularly angry. I feel apathetic. And sad, mostly, tbh. This time of year, anybody? It’s been such a dreary winter in Melbourne, Australia. It’s usually my thrive season.

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I love a scarf, a layer, a warm cider or 3. But this winter has me longing for sunshine. Even on the rare days where it does poke out from behind the clouds, I’m lucky if I get a glimpse driving between work.

It’s leaving me feeling blerg. Some people externalise that or find themselves with a shorter patience, I swing wildly between being a angry bitch or a whinging potato.

Sometimes it’s cathartic to have a bit of a bitch sesh and let all those frustrations out. And sometimes you just gotta sit with your emotions and really let yourself feel them. The ranting I kind of find difficult sometimes. The quiet contemplation (and internalising until it hurts) is more my jam. I’m a slow burn. And that’s cool. That’s my style. What’s yours? How do you rant? What’s grinding your tits today?