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@ellevest are the savvy aunt who drops truth bombs on you while teaching you what to spend your money on. Their insta is full of money memes and solid advice.

They do these wonderful #asksallie vids where the founder and CEO, Sallie Lee Krawcheck, answers questions relating to investing, succeeding in the workforce, spending your money wisely and inclusively etc, etc.

I like their business model. I like their moxie. I haven’t invested anything with them yet, but they’ve got the ball rolling. They’ve opened up my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about money and what my next move should be to try and secure my future.

If you’re at that same strange, scary stage, like me, where you feel like you’ll never have enough cashola to buy a home or y’know even ever retire? Then give @ellevest a look. Check out their insta. Being informed is half the battle. Get curious, phatties. Make that pay check work for you.