All hail our lord and savour, Dear Lizzo!!

If you’ve listened to our podcast, you’ve heard us praise and just all out love on our lady of badassery, the patron saint of all that is right in this world, the one, the only, Lizzo!

What can I even say about this glorious, wondrous, perfectly imperfect specimen!? She’s a blessed being. Obvi. So authentically herself. I mean, would you look at this face?

Dat ass!

Ugh and again coz fuck yeah to seeing more butts that resemble my own. (I wish haha. I aspire to having a booty this poppin!)

The representation Lizzo offers the world is just beyond my tiny minds comprehension. She’s a strong, black, beautiful, powerful, fat (insert any other accolade/praising descriptive word here coz she deserves it) woman!! I love the vulnerability she displays. The admissions of her low days, her highs, the way she preaches inclusivity and walks the walk. She’s is a force to be reckoned with.

Us 3 fatties can’t fucking wait to see her at a festival this summer coming!!